[Announcement: Postponement of
Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo Hamyang, KOREA 2020]
Today, we are making an announcement with heavy hearts that we have decided to postpone Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo Hamyang, KOREA 2020, set to be held September 25th - October 25th this year.

Announcement: Postponement of
Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo Hamyang, KOREA 2020

In order to hold a successful EXPO, We have been making full efforts with great enthusiasm Even when the surroundings were unsettled with COVID-19.
However, in the midst of continuous spread of COVID-19, The visitors will not be able to enjoy the EXPO at ease. Therefore, we made the difficult decision to reschedule the event To protect visitors and participants from potential exposure to coronavirus.

We’d like to ask for your kind understanding, Especially, those of you who have been waiting for Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo Hamyang.
Let’s promise to meet in Hamyang in September, 2021.
For more information, please visit the official website https://…
Wild Ginseng! Korea’s representative herb How much do you know about wild ginseng?

There are many types of wild ginseng.
Their shapes are different depending on place of origin.
So, it is not easy to distinguish them.

 Wild Ginseng has benefits for health. The more you know, the more you enjoy!
Introducition of Ginseng
 Wild Ginseng! Korea`s representative herb How much do you know about wild ginseng? Today, let`s study about wild ginseng step by step.

First, let`s find out how wild ginseng is named. 

Structure and name of wild ginseng. 

Discrimination of wild ginseng.
Wild ginseng is categorized into depending on the place of origin.

Wild-simulated ginseng(Korea)

Panax notoginseng(China)

Panaz quinquefolium(USA, Canada)

Panaz Vietnamesis(Vietnam)

We`ve learned about wild ginseng.
Now, you must have an idea that Korea ginseng is the best by only reading the introduction.
On September 25th Come to Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo in hamyang. And check it out in person.
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Hamyang is highly recommended to those of you!

# Enjoy in Hamyang

Daebong Mountain Valley Resort, the 2nd Event Place of Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo Hamyang, KOREA 2020 has the largest monorail and zipline in the country
Enjoy Daebongsan Mountain with your whole body, and say #ByeBye to stress from everyday life into the breeze
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Let's meet a colorful Hamyang on monorail and zipline!

 If you feel the recurring routine is boring while you feel the seasons change, No worries anymore.
We will introduce different ways to rejuvenate your body and mind in Hamyang.

 An Exotic Way to Enjoy Hamyang Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo 1

When you climb up the forest path of Daebongsan Mountain, Daebong Mountain Valley Resort, the 2nd Event Place, welcomes you.

When you get your breath back after enjoying healing with beautiful natural scenery and …